My name is Verena and I am the founder and owner of Sustainablist, a knitwear design company focusing on sustainable, fair and eco-friendly making and modern, minimalist knitting patterns for everyday favourite pieces.

From the moment I first fell in love with knitting, it felt like something that would bring a lot of joy into my life, and this ultimately led to founding Sustainablist, then called The Wool Club, in 2016. While I’ve been working mainly in knitwear design after founding my own small business, I have since decided to return to other lines of work and currently don’t take on any new Sustainablist projects on a regular basis. Our existing knitting patterns will of course continue to be available, and knitwear design will always hold a special place in my heart!

The inspiration behind all Sustainablist knitwear designs is a deep desire to contribute to a more sustainable way of making. At Sustainablist, we understand sustainability as centering actions and processes in all aspects of life around a responsible use of environmental, human and other resources that is meant to and can be sustained over time. Translated into making, to me, sustainable making means considering and carefully choosing what pieces we really need or want in our wardrobes, what we'll actually combine with the clothes we already own and what colours and fibres we enjoy wearing; being intentional with the choices we make while preparing for and working on our project and with the resources we use; choosing sustainably and ethically produced materials to create our hand knits and buying from businesses we really want to support with our making purchases; and lastly, making our hand knits last as long as possible. We believe in treating all living beings and the world we live in with respect, and in not discrimating against anyone.


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