TWC knits: Jen's Powder Snow Cosy

Hello and welcome to the first feature of TWC knits! Many of us might now the phenomenon of falling down the Ravelry rabbithole – I'm definitely guilty as charged. Browsing through new patterns and projects can keep me busy for hours, and as a designer, stumbling upon new The Wool Club projects really makes my heart sing. I'm deeply thankful to each and every one of you who decides to invest their precious time to knit one of my designs, and I'd love to share your beautiful makes, so I created this new series to shine a spotlight on members of our wonderful community and their favourite TWC knits.

Today we'll get to meet Jen and her Powder Snow Cosy – thank you so much for joining me, Jen! You'll find the pattern here.


Jen lives with her family and 2 rescued greyhounds on a mountain in the Queensland rainforest. When not knitting she can be found thinking about knitting. You can find her on Ravelry, Instagram and Facebook.


Pattern: Powder Snow Cosy | Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Pigeon | Needles: 5 mm / US 8 |Made for: me


When did you start knitting and what was your first project?

My Grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 5 and my first project was a scarf for my teddy bear. I didn’t knit again until my 4th baby was about 6 months old and I made him a cardigan, he is now 10. From the moment the cardigan was finished I knew I had found my art and my peace. I have knit everyday since. It was a steep learning curve at first, things had certainly changed in the knitting world since my Nana had taught me with some metal needles and scraps of acrylic yarn. Now I have settled into a rhythm and pace that allows my knitting time to be quiet and meditative time. I am still learning something new each time I knit a different pattern but that is what keeps knitting exciting and makes me want to try so many new (to me) techniques and patterns.

What’s on your needles right now?

I have a test knit cardigan, a test knit baby bonnet, a cardigan for me, a pair of socks, a baby blanket and another blanket for my son. Plus I am always knitting dog hats/snoods for my Greyhound Fundraising page on Facebook Grey Gear. I am not a monogamous knitter, and I am definitely a process knitter.

What do you enjoy most about knitting?

I love the zen of knitting, how I can become totally absorbed in what I am making and the feel of the yarn and the needles in my hands. I do love to see a finished knit as well and the joy on faces of people as they see their new cardigan or hat.

What aspects of a pattern are most important to you and what makes you love a pattern and project?

I love garter stitch, ribbing and cables! I love big squishy knits, the ones that make you feel like you are wrapped in a big wooly hug. A pattern that is easy to read and that uses any of my favourite techniques will always catch my eye.

Are there any techniques / types of garments / patterns you’re looking forward to try next?

I am super keen to knit a colourwork sweater or cardigan. So I want to try an intarsia sweater, I’m also very interested in steeking and would love to incorporate these two techniques in a project. I’m not a huge fan of seaming so I would like to improve my seaming skills and I want to try Mosaic knitting and maybe double knitting.

What drew your attention to the Powder Snow Cosy?

I saw the cables and I was in love. I also really wanted to knit one of Verena’s patterns and I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s the story behind your version of it?

I have had a single skein of Malabrigo Merino in deep stash for ages. I was saving it for the perfect project, as soon as I saw the  Powder Snow Cosy I knew I had found what I was waiting for.

What do you like best about your Powder Snow Cosy?

The cables and the softness of the yarn.

Did you learn any new skills with this pattern?

No new skills but I really enjoyed practising and refining my Judy’s Magic Cast on and the Left and Right Twists.

What kind of The Wool Club patterns would you like to see more of in the future?

I love all of your patterns and have been lucky enough to test several and I have several more in my queue. I love your exploration of texture and interesting use of colour and cables. I think that the direction you are going with your designing is exciting and modern and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.