Meet: Vanilla Heirloom!


Our latest design, Vanilla Heirloom, is now available, and I haven't been this excited for a new pattern release in quite some time. And you know why? With everything we do here at The Wool Club, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable, fair and eco-friendly way of living and making, and this new design feels like an important step in that. To us, an important aspect of sustainable making is providing knitters with patterns that you can use to make pieces that'll last you a long time and that will be loved and worn a lot. 

Our new Vanilla Heirloom pattern includes instructions for 8 sizes and 5 yarn weight specific versions for each size, so you can use whatever yarn weight you’re most comfortable with. In addition, the pattern comes with lots of helpful information, e.g. on choosing the right size, on gauge, on customising parts of the pattern, to help you make your own Vanilla Heirloom exactly what your perfect sweater looks like. Using only a small set of techniques, it is destined to become a beginner knitter’s very first handmade sweater, and it’s also an excellent choice for more experienced knitters who are looking for a relaxing-to-make wardrobe staple. This is where you can get your own copy of the full pattern with all versions, and if you sign up to our email list, you'll even get a free version plus a 50% discount on the full pattern! No matter what version you'll go with  – I can't wait to see new Vanilla Heirlooms on your needles!

Here's how I style and wear it in our latest feature of 5 Ways To Wear, and below are some of my favourite photos of the sample!


Photography: Ricarda Schueller
Hair & make up: Paloma Bryschta
Model: Melinda Leisterer
Clothing: Armedangels
Sample knitting: Cesca Schneider
Tech editing: Marina Skua