Sustainablist: A New Name


Have you heard the news? We've got a new name! I've you've been around for a while, you'll know that in the beginnings of The Wool Club, I mainly focussed on knitwear design and on how making can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, something I’m more passionate about than ever. Reflecting on my why, I soon found the deep desire to contribute to a more sustainable, fair and eco-friendly way of everyday living within me, and over time, I’ve started featuring content with a more holistic view on sustainability, covering and connecting a range of aspects in addition to sustainable making.

The Wool Club and the the team behind it has grown beyond my wildest expectations, allowing me to dream even bigger for the future. I couldn’t be happier about what I get to do for a living today, and felt like this small business of mine needed a new name to better represent what our work is all about. Enter: Sustainablist. To me, it includes the very essence of what we do: making everyday life more sustainable all the while showing how fun that can actually be, and inspiring others to join us in making small and big changes.

Over the next couple of days and weeks, you’ll see The Wool Club change into Sustainablist on the channels we use (you can now find us as @sustainablistco on Instagram), and I can't wait for everything the future has in store for us here at Sustainablist!