Meet: #SustainablistDesignVote!


Do you like to take a glimpse behind the scenes and get involved? Then we created #SustainablistDesignVote with you in mind! Here at Sustainablist, we're gearing up to launch an exciting project, and it's all about sharing the process and teaming up with our community. In other words, you're warmly invited to join us as Verena designs a new piece in collaboration with Blacker Yarns! You’ll get to make ALL the choices, from what type of garment or accessory you’d like to knit a little later this year and the inspiration behind the design to choosing yarns and colourways, and there will be plenty of fun prizes, too.

So how exactly does #SustainablistDesignVote work? Starting this Friday, we'll be offering a selection of options for 6 steps of our design process and you can vote for your favourite! Once all votings are closed (see below for full voting schedule), our team will finalise the design, pattern and sample based on your choices, and the design will be published this winter.

And to make this even more fun, we’re giving away a making related prize (anyone in need of a new Porter Bin?) to a lucky winner drawn from everyone who participates for each of the 6 votings! In addition, we're sharing a bit more about the inspiring companies that donated the prizes in our Behind The Scenes Profiles on the day the corresponding voting goes live here on, so you can get sneak peeks of not only what happens behind our very own scenes, but also plenty of insights from other makers we love teaming up with.

So here's the #SustainablistDesignVote schedule:

  • August 17 - August 18: choosing a type of garment / accessory (win a Fringe Supply Co. Porter Bin!)

  • August 23 - August 24: choosing an inspirational photo

  • August 28 - August 29: choosing construction details

  • September 7 - September 8: choosing the final swatch

  • September 17 - September 18: choosing a yarn base

  • September 23 - September 25: choosing (a) colourway(s)

Will you be joining us? What's the voting you're most excited about? We'd love to hear!

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