#SustainablistDesignVote: What Do You Want To Knit This Winter?


Its' here, today is the first day of #SustainablistDesignVote!


EDIT: The first voting is now closed and we have a winner! 33.3 % of you voted for a pullover, 4.5 % for a hat, 15.4 % for a shawl, and a whopping 46.8 % for a cardigan, so cardigan it is!


This first voting is all about determining what type of garment or accessory you like best! This design will be available (at 50% off for everyone who participates in #SustainablistDesignVote, by the way!) this winter, so consider what you'd want to knit in a few months. We'll get to details such as top-down vs. bottom-up for sweaters, shawl shapes and all that jazz a little later, so for now we'll start with something easy and determine a type of design. This is the one decision I usually make first whenever I start working on a design, unless I'm sold on another detail such as a specific stitch pattern already. Is it gonna be a pullover, hat, shawl or cardigan? I'm so excited to see what you'll end up choosing!

We did mention #SustainablistDesignVote comes with some amazing prizes, right? Once this first voting closes, a lucky winner (drawn randomly from all participants) will be the new owner of a Fringe Supply Co Porter Bin in their new Butterscotch colourway! So what are your waiting for? Vote for your choice (select only one, please!), make sure to come back for the next voting round on August 23 (we'll chat all things inspiration!) and now treat yourself to a cuppa and scroll down to enjoy the insights Karen from Fringe Supply Co shares with us!

Illustrations above by Camille Romano


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Porter Bin in Natural, photo by Ricarda Schüller


Hi Karen, and thanks so much for joining me today to share some behind-the-scenes! First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

With both the blog (Fringe Association) and the webshop (Fringe Supply Co), my goal is to equip people for their best knitting life — from information and inspiration to well-made tools and bags.

What are the core values you care about most?

We mainly make bags — chiefly our Field Bag and Porter Bin — and we make them conscientiously, locally and with all-natural materials. They're designed to serve a knitter well and they are built to last, in the hope that they'll be used regularly, vigorously, and for a good long time.

What do you love most about your work?

I love that the Internet means I can really get to know our customers and how they use the things they buy from us. And the blog and Instagram mean they're much more than "customers" — they're readers, community members, knitalong friends, and more. It's an ongoing interaction, rather than ending at checkout. I get to watch our bags, in particular, become part of people's lives, see where they travel (whether to the park or a medical waiting room or some of the most scenic places on Earth), how they are personalized (patches, pins, embroidery, dyeing), what kind of patina they take on with years of love and use. Getting to witness just how much people love what we make, and how they make it their own, is truly amazing.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you and your work?

I think people who've found Fringe more recently might assume we're a bigger company than we are. Fringe Supply Co is 5.5 years old. I still wear a ton of hats and now have three (invaluable!) part-time employees, so we're a small operation but with a fairly high profile due to having so many lovely supporters, for which we're indescribably grateful!


Karen Templer, photo by Zachary Gray