#SustainablistDesignVote: How Do You Like Your Knitting?


Winter is coming! And: the third #SustainablistDesignVote voting is now open!

Many knitters have an opinion on what construction details they like, and today you get to share yours! Now before we get started, just a brief recap: last week's #SustainablistDesignVote was all about inspiration, and with almost exactly a third of all votes, you chose the New Year's Eve story for me to use for our cardigan design! Here it is again, in case you missed it:

"If you asked me to describe what New Year's Eve feels like to me, I couldn't find words to express it better than this photo does. The magic of the days between the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one always gets me. No matter how busy the winter gets, I'll make an effort to take those days off and enjoy some (usually much needed, after the December craze) quality time with loved ones, often somewhere in the mountains. There's just something about this feeling of time having stopped, all worries of everyday life far away. Translated into knitwear design, this scenery inspires me to think about that one very special sweater, wearable yet with a few details that make it stand out, carefully handmade without rushing, that you'll reach for when you just want to feel wonderful and that'll make you feel proud to be a maker."

EDIT: The third voting is now closed and we have a winner! 11 % of you voted for Option 1, 24.4 % for Option 2, 17.1 % for Option 3, and 47.5 % for Option 4, so it'll be a top-down raglan cardigan!

By the way, the photo above was actually taken last year on our little  trip around New Year's Eve! Now that we have decided on a type of garment and the inspirational story to base our design on, we can move onto chatting details! Before I'll show you a couple sketch options for you to choose from next Tuesday, today I'd love to know about your construction preferences. Keep in mind we're talking a winter cardigan – here are four options to choose from:

OPTION 1: A drop shoulder construction, knit in pieces from the bottom up.

OPTION 2: A  circular yoke construction, knit seamlessly from the top down.

OPTION 3: A set-in sleeves construction, knit in pieces from the bottom up.

OPTION 4: A raglan construction, knit seamlessly from the top down.

You might have noticed that the options above care centred around how body and sleeves are worked, but of course there's more construction related decisions to be made – once this voting has been closed, keep your eyes peeled for some other details such as neckline and collar that we'll decide on together on our InstaStories!

A new #SustainablistDesignVote voting also means it's time for insights into another small business owner's work & an amazing prize! This week, Caro lets us glimpse behind the scenes of her small business, and once this voting closes, a lucky winner (drawn randomly from all participants) will receive a set of her handmade pins (the Happy Pig pin is living on my Porter Bin, a match made in heaven). For a chance to win, simply vote for your choice below (select only one, please!), and then scroll down to enjoy the insights Caro shares with us!


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Hi Caro, and thanks so much for joining me today to share some behind-the-scenes! First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

My "company" is really just me trying out different things. I work a part-time day job that pays for most of my bills - the rest of my time I work as a freelancer and on personal projects. I've also recently started teaching embroidery workshops, which is a lot of fun!

Last year I started producing enamel pins mainly because I kind of collect them myself and REALLY wanted a pig pin, but couldn't find one that I liked, so I made one myself! Now I've grown to love them as a medium and I think there will be more designs in the future. I love that they are so approachable and fun, they're tiny little "artworks" to wear on your sweater.

What inspires your work?  

That's a tough question because it's not the same for all the things I do. With my textile work for example I often find inspiration online, in books or at the museum. Looking at other artworks or learning a new (to me) technique usually triggers an idea or at least gets me to start creating. Getting started is something I often struggle with, I tend to get a bit lost in my own head, but when I finally do find a starting point, I can keep on working on a project for a very long time.

With my illustration work I usually get inspired by things I want to capture because they make me happy - that's where the Happy Pig pin comes from, for instance. :)

What do you love most about your work?  

I really love seeing how people respond to my work - both on social media or in real life. I work at Wollen Berlin, a local yarn shop, where we also sell my Happy Pig pins and it honestly makes my day every time somebody looks at them and starts to smile.