One Piece, Five Looks


This post includes PR samples and therefore has to be marked as promotion. It isn’t sponsored.

There are so many aspects to sustainability from how something has been produced to how we use and take care of it that navigating sustainable wardrobe choices can be actually quite tricky. Is it about how often we wear something? What about buying second-hand clothing from fast fashion companies versus supporting fair fashion brands? What’s very wearable for someone might only ever see someone else’s dresser from the inside, and vice versa. Something we only wear for special occasions, but with a lot of joy and for years to come might be one of the best additions to our wardrobes despite not being worn every week. And versatility or “dressing up” and “dressing down” of course looks different for everyone.

To me, making sustainable fashion choices means considering the lifespan of clothing, and when buying new pieces, supporting companies with ethical production processes and working conditions; carefully choosing what pieces we really need or want in our wardrobes, what we'll actually combine with the clothes we already own and what we enjoy wearing; caring for the clothes we own and making them last as long as possible.

Something I personally always consider when choosing a new piece is how well it’ll go with what I already own, and since I love getting inspired by how others combine the pieces in their wardrobes, I wanted to share five different looks that all incorporate the same silk blouse. You’ll find details on all pieces below, though since I bought some of them second hand, I wasn’t always able to link the exact same product.

likeabird blouse | lana organic jacket | Summerhouse bomber jacket | Kings of Indigo jeans | Hess Natur pants | Everlane pants | People Tree skirt | Good Guys don’t wear Leather sneakers | By Blanch boots | Matt & Nat boots and belt | pikfine jewelry