Eight Natural Deodorants


This post includes PR samples and therefore has to be marked as promotion. It isn’t sponsored.

While I enjoy trying new products from time to time, my skincare routine only ever includes natural beauty products, with one exception: I had been hesitant to switch to a natural deodorant for the longest time. The few times I used samples that came with another purchase, they didn’t exactly convince me. However I really wanted to make the transition and find one that would work for me, so I teamed up with a couple of natural beauty brands and tested eight options.

So why natural deodorants? Without going into too much detail, the main difference between natural deodorants that typically don’t include aluminium and conventional products with aluminium salts (more accurately: antiperspirants) is that natural deodorants don’t aim to prevent your body from sweating in the first place, but rather sop bacteria and add a fresh smell. And while the prospect of not sweating at sounds convenient, antiperspirants actually inhibit a natural bodily function, and current studies indicate that aluminium might not be considered safe to use in cosmetics. In addition to all of that, for me personally, working conditions as well as animal testing policies are important factors as well and often less than ideal with (of course not all, but) many conventional brands.

Below are the deodorants we tested: Evolve, Fine, Girl Smells (no longer available), i+m, myrto, No Pong, True Organic of Sweden, Urtekram. All of them are aluminium & cruelty free and come with a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients.


And how did it go? My friend Elisa and I each tested all of the deodorants, and here’s how they worked for us:

First of all, what everyone seems to say did prove to be true for me, too: while neither of us experienced any skin irriations, it did in fact take a little time for my body to get used to natural deodorants.

In terms of application, the biggest difference is pretty obvious: four deodorants are roll-ons, the other four are deodorant creams. And while roll-ons are arguably easier to apply, using deodorant creams wasn’t as messy as you might fear, only slightly trickier once you get to the bottom of the container (bonus points for Fine deodorant that comes with a little wooden spatula!). You might however need to wash your hands after using it, or bring wipes when on the go. It wasn’t the same for Elisa, but for me, all cream deodorants worked siginifcantly better than the roll-ons.

Smell of course is subject to personal preferences, any most of the deodorants we tested come in various options. The No Pong, Fine and Myrto deodorants were the ones with the longest lasting smells in our experience, and all of the options we tested smelled nice and fresh.

Overall, Elisa loved the Myrto roll-on deodorant and the No Pong deodorant cream best with the Girl Smells roll-on a close second. For me, the Fine and No Pong deodorant creams worked best, and I also really like the one by i+m that I’m currently still using. In any case it’s safe to say that I’m a deodorant cream convert!