Six Pairs of Socks & How To Customize Your Next Pair


This year, I’m finally making time for a project that’s been on my mind for several years: an advent calendar of socks for my husband. There will be one sock for every day, so a total of 12 pairs of socks (not 24!), however since that’s still quite some sock knitting, I started back in January and planned to knit about a pair per month. So far, I finished six pairs of socks, and while I used the same pattern, Knit Night, for all of them, they’re also all different!

Our Knit Night Socks are designed for 7 different gauges, ranging from a typical sock gauge of 32 stitches per 10 cm to a heavier-weight version with 20 stitches per 10 cm, and the pattern includes 7 sizes and 2 heel options. That makes 98 options alone without any extra additions! And speaking of, for plenty more options and knitting fun, I created 2 free additions to the pattern: a guide on adding contrasting coloured details (that covers both contrasting coloured toes, heels & cuffs and stripes – an excellent opportunity to use smaller yarn amounts, by the way), and a guide on using 9 different rib patterns instead of working the socks in Stockinette Stitch. The pattern is available through Ravelry, and the freebies that go with it can be downloaded from our subscriber exclusive Sustainablist Community Library.

And here’s what I made so far! All pairs of socks use non-superwash, all natural yarns by the way.


I wanted to have two pairs of warmer slipper socks, and since they knit up fairly quickly, I made those first to keep the motivation going. Looking back, that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do since I’ve been craving a quicker knit ever since and wish I’d saved one of the heavier-weight pairs, but at least it felt like I a good start. Both of them are knit out of De Rerum Natura’s Gilliatt at a gauge of 22 stitches per 10 cm, using version F of the pattern. One of them features a main colour and two contrasting colours for toes, heels and cuffs, and the other one comes with stripes in light and dark grey. (If you’re curious about yarn amounts and other details, here are the Ravelry project pages for the pair on the left and the pair on the right.)


All other pairs I’m making for the advent calendar use lighter-weight yarns.

One of them follows the pattern without any additions, and I might make another pair or two just like this to include a few very simple ones. The one I already made is knit out of Retrosaria’s Mondim in a bright red colourway (all details here), features twisted rib on the cuff, and like all other pairs for the advent calendar, the short-row heel option. While you can of course always knit socks out of yarns that aren’t meant to be sock yarns, this is my absolute favourite non-superwash yarn that’s intended to be used for socks. I’ve used it countless times and haven’t been disappointed once, and I already have it queued up in two other colourways for more advent calendar socks.


As for rib patterns, I made a pair out of Mominoki’s Finnwool (such a pretty copper shade!) in a 5x1 Rib with a 2x1 Rib cuff, and another pair out of Tukuwool’s Fingering in a 3x1 Rib with a contrasting coloured section in Triskelion’s Scylfing 4-ply and a 1x1 Rib cuff (all details here and here). Working in ribbing does take a tiny bit longer for me compared to Stockinette Stitch, but I think it’s absolutely worth the effort.


Plain Stockinette Stitch with contrasting coloured toes, heels and cuffs has always been one of my favourite ways to knit socks, and this pair knit out of Blacker’s Tamar 4-ply and Triskelion’s Scylfing 4-ply (all details here) is one of the pairs I like best so far. On my needles right now is another pair in Mominoki’s Finnwool, this time around a version with stripes in white and yellow, and I’ll share an update once all pairs are done!