A Winter Breath Wrap of My Own

Given how much time I spend with yarn, you might think half of my wardrobe consists of handknits, but that's actually not true at all. With sample knitting and occasional gift knits, there's so little time in the day to squeeze in a personal project, and my handknits can be counted on one (and maybe a half) hand. When I recently found a couple of lovely people who will be knitting a few things for me in the future, I was over the moon - by the way, I'd love to hear from you if you'd be interested, just drop me a line at hello@the-wool-club.com! In addition to a fee comparable to sample knitting I'll of course provide high quality yarns and the pattern. The first project I'm planning right now is a Winter Breath Wrap of my own (the pattern will be released later this month), a minimalist pieve featuring a chevron pattern and some eyelets.


My heart is set on a yarn – Ulysse by De Rerum Natura – but I'm having a really hard time deciding on a colourway, so I narrowed down 6 favourites. Now that I'm typing this, I realize that I might actually have a secret tendency for one of them, but I can't quite hit the "order" button just yet. Which one do you like best? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Since the yarn is so amazing and I think everyone should try it, I'd love to give away a skein in a colourway of your choice to one lucky winner out of everyone who comments below. Please make sure to enter your email address in the commenting section or leave either your email address, Ravelry ID or Instagram handle with your comment so I can get in touch with the lucky winner! The giveaway is now closed.

ulysse foret.jpg

1 | forêt


2 | argile

ulysse poivre blanc.jpg

3 | poivre blanc

ulysse goeland.jpg

4 | goéland

ulysse granit.jpg

5 | granit

ulysse fusain.jpg

6 | fusain