In Bed with Wool (Part One)


If you're a knitter, chances are high that you know Ashley Yousling and her wonderful podcast, Woolful, who just announced a very exciting collaboration with Making. In every episode, she talks to guests from all over the making community, and I'd highly recommend giving it a listen, whether you consider yourself a maker or not. In her most recent podcast feature, Ashely chats with Sarah Sunshine from Shepherd's Dream, a company that produces sustainably, ethically made natural bedding.

Appalled by the horrors of the production processes behind down bedding, one of the most popular options for comforters and pillows, and as a lover of all things wool, the concept of woollen bedding really spoke to me. Listening to the latest Woolful podcast episode gave me the final push to start looking into it more which turned out to be perfect timing as one of our favourite companies, Hess Natur, is currently offering a 20% discount on all of their home products!

We had been looking for a new comforter for a while, and wanted it to be from a local company that's committed to sustainable, ethical supply chains. Hess Natur is one of the first companies whose URL I type into my browser whenever I'm looking for anything textile related, and I was very excited to find out about all the natural bedding options they offer. Ranging from cotton and bamboo to wool and yak, there's a lot to choose from, and while this wasn't an option for us, I still want to mention that they also carry cruelty-free made down bedding. Their customer service was so friendly and took the time to help me find the best comforter for us (so appreciated!), and in the end we went with  this wool one and matching pillows. It's suited to be used all year round, and I can't wait to have more wool in our home, if that's even possible!

Now maybe you're thinking "Why on earth would I want to sleep in wool? Isn't that scratchy and way too hot?", and I get it. When I first heard about woollen bedding, I wasn't so sure about it, too. But finding out more about the various benefits and common misconceptions really convinced me, and now I can't wait for our new bedding to arrive. While wool is known for keeping us warm, because of the scales that lock in air, it actually has great isolation and temperature regulating properties, meaning it's great for the warmer months as well. It can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in water without feeling wet (for man-made fibres, it's typically only 4%) and easily last a lifetime, plus wool bedding is great for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities. Did you know that wool is even anti-bacterial and has self-cleaning properties? When wool gets wet, some of its lanolin converts to lanolin-soap, helping to keep the fabric clean, and the protein molecules in the wool, called keratin, simply break down bacteria. In addition, wool makes sleeping extra safe (compared to other textiles typically used in the bedroom): It's harder to ignite than almost every other synthetic fibre or cotton, doesn't melt or drip, and if it burns, it's self-extinguishing and the flames spread at a low rate.

So much for my love letter to wool in general and woollen bedding in particular - if you're interested in reading more, Shepherd's Dream have compiled quite an impressive list of benefits of wool bedding, including a lower heart rate and less sleep disturbance, and on top of all of that, I especially love that it's sustainable and cruelty-free. I'm curious, have you considered or would you consider wool bedding? What are your favourite bedroom textiles?