Midweek Happiness


Current coffee table set-up.


We don't really do anything special for Halloween over here (or in other words, there just don't seem to be any kids trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood), but nevertheless, the last couple of days have been filled with celebrations – two of my best friends celebrated their 30th birthdays, International Cat Day, welcoming a tiny new family member, and gearing up for our WOODS release party. In woolly news, I really enjoyed a few quiet moments with a personal project, and I can't wait to spend more time with my issue of Laine. My parents are staying with us for a few days which is always such a nice treat, and it also means I get to have private little knit nights with my mum. Have a lovely week!


The best homemade Kimchi one of my best friends gave me.


Moments of rest, working on my Fleesensee Hat on those lovely, slow weekend days.


Celebrating International Cat Day with Siri, one of our two rescue darlings.


More of a happy-sad moment – sad because Socktober is over, but happy because I get to share the individual patterns with you!