The Reason Why & Where We're Headed


If you're following my journey on Instagram, you might have seen my bio change again and again over the past couple of weeks. With the end of the year approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about this past first year of being self-employed and about where I want to take my business, and, as random as it may sound, the challenge of condesing all of that into 150 characters helped me learn more about the value I want to add with my work.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind my knitwear designs and the core reason why I make, I found the deep desire to contribute to a more sustainable, fair and eco-friendly way of living and making within me. This past year and a half, I primarily focussed on knitwear designs for handknitters. With my designs, I aim to enable and inspire knitters to make pieces that are minimalist and versatile enough to be loved and worn for a long, long time, and to showcase sustainably, ethically made materials. Designing knitwear is an aspect of my work I absolutely love and want to continue doing in the future, so if you’re here for the knitting patterns – don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere!

Sustainability in all aspects of life is something I care about deeply, and I want my work to reflect this holistic view. To me, that means connecting the knitting community and knitwear design with related topics (think fair fashion or natural materials for the home!), and expanding what I cover to include more aspects of a sustainable, fair and eco-friendly way of living. You might have stumbled upon new content over here already, such as In Bed With Wool or the Knitwear Worthies, and I have a few projects in the making that I can't wait to share more about. They range from a book project to dipping my toes into green beauty, ethically made products for the home and more writing, and with this first year of self-employment under my belt, I couldn't be more thankful for everything I was able to learn about why I do what I do and about where I'm headed with my business.

So while knitwear design will stay, I'm very excited to add more aspects to my work, and I do hope you'll continue following my journey, sharing your points of view and joining the conversation – like always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!