New Bedroom Textiles

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A good night's sleep is crucial to our wellbeing – how we sleep impacts our everyday life in many ways, from our mood, emotions and memory to how our bodies react to stress, just to name a few (more details can be found here, for example). One of the various factors that influence sleep is the environment we sleep in, which is conveniently also relatively easy to tweak. Thinking about the importance of sleeping well and given how much time we spend asleep (ahem, or aim to spend asleep), bedding and bedroom textiles are very likely the home items we get the most use out of, and I'd venture to say also one of the key ones. Last month, I shared about our bedding upgrade in In Bed With Wool (Part One) (and I can't wait for it to arrive!), and we recently also treated ourselves to some new winter bed linen.

One of my favourite brands for beautiful homewares is Urbanara, and we particularly love their bedroom textiles. While we tend to go with crisp and fresh, like linen, for most of the year, we were on the hunt for something slightly more warm and cosy for the winter months – enter their Montrose series. It's made from an all natural, high quality 100% cotton flannel fabric, comes with descreete zipper closure, and you know my favourite thing about it? It's organic and sustainably made! There's even a Supplier Stories video introducing the people who make it, if you're curious.

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We got the duvet cover, pillow cases and matching fitted sheet in the creme colourway, and have honestly never slept this comfy before. Now if you're wondering about the price tag, I'm very happy to report that we didn't have to break the bank – all of that was around 130€, and Urbanara often run specials that give you an extra discount (we actually paid just slightly over 100€). Montrose comes in a great selection of colours, if you prefer a more colourful bedroom, and holds up extremely well – the grey set we gave my brother around 2 years ago still looks like new. It's safe to say that Montrose will become a winter staple around our home, and that we're flannel converts now! I'd love to hear, what are your sleep environment essentials?