Fall / Winter '17 Fair Fashion Sale Favourites

There seem to be all kinds of reservations against buying on sale, from feeling „cheap“ to being afraid of overbuying or ending up with second quality items. While I understand the concern, I have to say we've been sale devotees for the longest time and haven't had a single bad experience. So I thought it's about time to root a bit for team clearance sales! Do you know why we love buying on sale? We don't think of it as a chance to buy more, but essentially as an opportunity to afford better quality pieces. It also makes supporting the brands we feel good about a whole lot easier, and what's not to love about that?

Huge discounts and small price tags can be a bit tricky though, and we all know how tempting the sale signs in our favourite shops can be, am I right? While it's nice to treat ourselves to this beautiful piece we've been admiring for the longest time, or stock up on basics, the good feeling quickly vanishes when we realize we once again fell down the rabbithole and spent way more than we actually wanted to or bought things we don't wear. Malte and I follow three simple rules whenever we’re buying on sale, and I'm happy to report that they work very well for us:

1. Before every purchase, we ask ourselves „Would I consider buying this if it wasn't on sale?“ - if the answer is no, we won’t buy it only because of the smaller price tag. Of course paying less is kind of the point of buying on sale, but still this simple question has proven to be super helpful in our quest to avoid impulse buys that we might later regret.

2. No lazy compromise purchases, meaning we only ever buy items that are exactly the size we need and style / colour / fabric we like. Even if it’s just a tiny bit too large or too uncomfortable or just not flattering, it won’t move into our closet because that makes it exactly the kind of purchase that would end up living a pretty sad live on our shelves.

3. We set ourselves a budget and stick to it, and that also includes not adding any lazy compromise purchases (see #2!) if we stay below our budget. We find that having a rough budget in mind makes deciding which pieces we really want to buy a lot easier, and as we usually share a budget for the both of us and do the shopping together, it's always a nice opportunity, even though on a rather superficial level, to balance our needs as a couple. So besides a few new pieces there's actually also the added bonus of boosting the team spirit.

Extra bonus points for coming up with a few potential outfit ideas for the new items before purchasing!

Malte and I each compiled 10 of our current favourites, and you'll find more of our fair fashion sale picks on Pinterest. Some of them are pieces we own (hello, comfy silk pyjamas & new jeans!), others are things we could see ourselves buying – I hope you'll find something you'll like!

Fall Winter 18 Sale Verena's Favourites.png

1 | Hess Natur Pyjamas (29.95 €)  2 | Armedangels Parka (119.90 €)  3 | Armedangels Pullover (44.90 €)  4 | Hess Natur Jeans, different wash here (54.95 €)  5 | Hess Natur Cardigan (149 €)  6 | People Tree Dress, trousers from the same series here (46.59 €)  7 | Hess Natur Blouse (98.95 €)  8 | Armedangels Skirt (39.90 €)  9 | People Tree Top (39.50 €)  10 | Armedangels Trousers (54.90 €)

Fall Winter 18 Sale Malte's Favourites.png

1 | Hess Natur Coat (199 €)  2 | People Tree Sweatshirt (33 €)  3 | Armedangels Shirt (39.90 €)  4 | People Tree Scarf (44.50 €)  5 | Hess Natur Pullover (69.95 €)  6 | Armedangels Pullover (64.90 €)  7 | Hess Natur Jeans, grey version here (49.95 )  8 | Armedangels Parka (119.90 €)  9 | Armedangels Trousers (59.90 €)  10 | Armedangels T-Shirt (29.90 €)