Sustainable Living Favourites: Contigo

You know these little shops in your neighbourhood or city where, with a bit of luck, you'll find the most unique and beautiful pieces? I absolutely love them, but am always a bit sad when friends ask about something I got there as they tend to offer one of a kind pieces or very limited quantities, making it hard to help people find exactly what they're looking for. One of my absolute favourites is Contigo, a little fairtrade shop in my hometown Tübingen. We'll go there every time we visit family, and prompted by a follower question on Instagram, I just discovered that they also sell online. Way to go, Monday! With the holidays and everything, I thought what better time to come up with a list of things that make for nice gifts and support artisans around the world in a sustainable way at the same time, so I compiled a few current favourites. And this is where you'll find the online shop!

Contigo Favourites.png

1 | Vase (38€): This vase comes with a beautiful texture and is still minimalist enough to let your flowers be the stars, a very pretty take on a classic piece!

2 | Basket (16.50€): There's no such thing as too many baskets, am I right? I'd use this one for candles or to collect those little trinkets that magically pile up everywhere.

3 | Candle Holder (22€) & 4 | Candle Holder (12.50€): We bought one of those a few years ago and to date it's still among our very favourite home accessories.

5 | Tray (14.90€): What a pretty accessory for your desk or kitchen!

6 | Vase / Lantern (13.50) & 7| Vase / Lantern (13.50€): Meant to be used both for candles and for flowers, you'll be getting a lot of use out of these beauties all year round.

8 | Basket (76€): So many options with this one (and all of its friends) – for laundry, toys, blankets, or even for your stash if you're a knitter!

9 | Salad Servers (19.80€): These might be on our gift shopping list for Christmas this year – classic, yet modern, the best of both worlds if you ask me!

10 | Candle Holder (7.90€): This beautiful candle holder, made from Capiz, goes beautifully with holiday decorating.

11 | Vase (42.50€): A perfect match with a few fir, pine or eucalyptus branches!

12 | Bowl (24€): The prettiest little bowl to hold anything from spices to paper clips.

13 | Bowl / Tray (49€): Wouldn't this one make for a beautiful centre piece on any dining table? I'd love to use it for fruit, or for serving drinks, too.

14 | Glass (10.50€) & 15 | Carafe (25€): These pieces, made from wine bottles, demonstrate perfectly just how beautiful and modern upcycling can be!