Midweek Happiness


So proud of Malte for finishing his first ever sweater, and for performing major sweater surgery with huge success!


What a week it has been so far! While the knitting community is considered a very kind one, hurtful comments occur everywhere when people put themselves and their work out there. As disheartening as seeing the negativity in a few people's reactions on one of Laine Magazine's Hygge Sweater shots has been, I'm beyond grateful for each and everyone who showed love and support for what I think is an amazing magazine with a strong voice and mission and beautiful aesthetic. Thanks for joining this important conversation! On a lighter note, I've been soaking up precious time with both sides of our family before the pre-Christmas-visits home stretch, and my lovely Mama kindly helped me mending a few clothes. And here a few more of my happy moments – have a lovely week!


The most delicious grapes from our weekly delivered box filled with fresh, local produce.


A little bit of progress on my Fleesensee Hat.


Sweater mending par excellence - thanks, Mama!


Flowers from last Friday's release party for WOODS.