Our Family Trip through the United States!


Mid September, Malte and I went on a trip with my parents and brother that our family has been wanting to do for the better part of the past 10 years, and those three weeks were nothing short of wonderful! We watched the sun rise over Monument Valley and saw the sunset in Venice Beach, ate our way through L.A., visited several national parks and saw the most beautiful nature in California, Arizona and Utah, did quite some work & research, learned about culture and history in Navajo Nation, met so many kind people, celebrated two birthdays, tried our luck in Las Vegas, had great conversations and so much fun making plans for the future, and spent the last week in New York City, just us “kids”.

Taking in every little bit, eyes wide open, we traveled throuh parts of this beautiful Earth we might only see once in life, and having never been to the West Coast before, the landscape we got to see left a deep impression on me. Isn’t it amazing how nature makes you stop and really be present in the moment? Undoubtedly a day that ranked high amongst all of our favourites was seeing Antelope Canyon. We took a tour with Matthew Navotima whom we’d absolutely recommend! See for yourself, and we’ve also included a few photos from Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Hoover Dam.


Now in our book, it isn’t a real vacation if it doesn’t include amazing food! Vegan or vegetarian food wasn’t always that easy to find, so in terms of foods, the bigger cities we visited were our friends. I’d venture to day we had the best Mexican food of our life on this trip – from Los Angeles, where we started our trip, to New York City, where we ended it, it was always delicious. A few other places we loved in L.A. were Superba, Bestia (#pizzagoals!), Got Get Em Tiger & Jeni’s, not to mention all of the food trucks.

And as much as we enjoyed our time in nature, two weeks in, we were pretty excited to head to New York City, a place Malte hand’t been to before and that felt a lot more like home to us! We stayed in Brooklyn which quickly felt super familiar, too, mainly because we got the impression that it has a lot in common with Neukölln, our corner of our hometown Berlin. And speaking of food: as I’m sure you can imagine, NYC didn’t fall short in that department, either! What did irritate us a little, to put it mildly, and not just in NYC but everywhere we went, was seeing how many single-use products were used. From hotels to cafés and restaurants, ordering to stay usually didn’t help us avoid single-use cups, plates and the like, and had we been aware of that, we would have brought much more of our own multi-use products. But a pleasant surprise in all of this was The Hummus Place, a restaurant with actual plates, cutlery, glasses, you name it, that we went to more than once! We also loved Absolute Bagels on Broadway, 375 Fries, Ishida (perfect ramen!), Grimaldi’s, The Donut Pub, the Smorgasburg food market (best vegan food!) and City Bear, just to mention a few, and Malte particularly enjoyed the little café around the corner from where we stayed.

My brother-in-law was so sweet to surpise us with tickets to see the New York City ballet. We had such a lovely night at Lincoln Center and had to stop for a little impromptu dance in anticipation of the performance while at the public library earlier that day! Choosing just one highlight from our time in the city would simply be impossible - from said night at Lincoln Center, our first ever Broadway show or a visit to the MoMa to the High Line, walks through our neighborhood, ferry rides and all the food, we just fell hard for NYC! Below are a few more photos. While we won’t fly anywhere in the near future, we’d for sure love to come back one day!