Not a Valentine's Day outfit

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Malte and I never celebrate Valentine's Day, but we do love going on dates! It can be as low-key as a long walk (for which I probably would have opted for flats though) or dinner, date nights are always a favourite around here. I feel good in my own skin when I wear skirts or dresses and Malte loves them on me, too, so more often than not they're my go-to for our dates. Paired with a tailored but comfy sweater and some vegan accessory favourites, this outfit felt casual and just a tad more fancy at the same time, and I'm definitely going to repeat it! What are your favourite things to wear on a date?

Urbanara Pullover (89 €) | People Tree Skirt (sold out, similar here) | By Blanch Boots (189 €) | Matt & Nat Purse (sold out, similar here)

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