A favourite Travel Uniform

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Since I'll be spending a good part tomorrow on the train to go visit my parents, I thought I'd share one of my all time favourite travel uniforms. It's comfy, cosy, and all pieces are very versatile so I can easily dress them up or down to recycle them for other outfits once arrived. A large tote bag carries everything I need right with me – and believe me, that's a lot! A minimalist purse is something I yet have to conquer, and until that happens, I'll happily continue lugging around all the things so that I'm well-equipped for whatever eventuality might come up (think sudden snack needs or a backup knitting project). Tell me, what's your favourite thing to wear for travelling?

Hess Natur Culottes (sold out, similar here) | Handknit Cardigan (Woodfords, made using Ysolda's Blend No. 1) | Twothirds T-Shirt (sold out, similar here) | Good Guys Don't Wear Leather Sneakers (99 €) | Matt & Nat Purse (140 €) | Handknit Scarf (Seaside, made using The Fibre Co.'s Arranmore in Meara) | Contigo Ring (21 €)

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