5 Ways to Wear: Your Relaxed Linen Skirt


When I think about sustainability and fashion, to me, a key aspect is aiming to add pieces to our wardrobes that we'll get a lot of wear out of. They don't necessarily have to be things we wear on a daily basis – I'd argue that it's sustainable, too, if I invest in a statement piece that I'll wear for special occasions only, but that is great quality and will last me for many of said special occasions to come, that is in a way timeless that I'll most likely still like it years down the road, or that maybe even serves the purpose for not only me, but friends I'll be able to lend it to or others I might pass it onto should I not wear it anymore. Still, a versatile garment often equals more wears, and after all, making the most out of what we buy and make is what we all want, right?

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut with our outfit choices, and from personal experience I know that getting a little more creative with combining pieces can make you fall in love with something you've had for the longest time all over again. Plus the more outfit options we can come up with, the less we'll feel a need to buy more, and what's not to love about that? The concept reminds me of those children's books where you can mix and match your heart out, anyone remember those?

So all that to say, welcome to this new series, 5 Ways to Wear, where we'll share 5 different outfit ideas centred around one piece, handmade or store-bought, always ethically and sustainably produced. I hope it'll inspire you to try new combinations with what you have in your wardrobe, help with deciding what new things to add to it, and showcase the wearability of the pieces we'll include in this series, even if you'd maybe wear them a different way.

First up is this lovely linen number from notPERFECTLINEN, a brand we have been using for quite a while. notPERFECTLINEN is a Lithuanian family business that offers a curated selection of handmade 100% linen garments and home products that are tailored exactly to your preferences. Every order comes with samples of all fabric options they offer, making choosing a next piece easier for your and your friends. Their Marseille skirt (shown in amber yellow) feels amazing, comes with pockets and has quickly become a favourite around here. Here's how I wear it:

Foto 18.05.18, 06 56 46.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 06 50 42.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 06 54 19.jpg

Vanilla Heirloom Pullover (handmade, pattern can be found here soon) | Good Guys Don't Wear Leather Sneakers (99 €)

Foto 18.05.18, 07 48 47.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 07 50 52.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 07 49 17.jpg

Armedangels Pullover (39.90 €, on sale!) | Pumps (old, similar here, here or here) | Matt & Nat Purse (old, similar here)

Foto 18.05.18, 08 10 53.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 08 10 16.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 08 11 10.jpg

Armedangels Pullover (89.90 €) | Ballerinas (old, similar here, here or here)

Foto 18.05.18, 08 00 05.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 08 01 17.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 07 58 59.jpg

MYRKA Studios x Fashion Changers T-Shirt (39 €) | North Shawl (handmade, pattern here)

Foto 18.05.18, 08 07 13.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 08 05 18.jpg
Foto 18.05.18, 08 06 22.jpg

Armedangels blouse (old, similar here or here) | Ballerinas (old, similar here, here or here)


What's your favourite outfit? How would you wear this skirt? I'd love to hear!


This post includes PR samples. Thanks for supporting companies that share our values.