Self Care Learnings: Second Chances for Lost Mornings


A few days ago, I shared about a less than ideal morning on Instagram Stories and so many of you reached out with interesting and encouraging thoughts that I decided to share some of them here. You might know that balancing life and work in a somewhat healthy manner is one of the main things I focus on this year – I wrote about it here and here – and I'm so grateful for all the conversations on self care I've had and seen both offline and online.

For many, myself included, the morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day. When the first hour or so of my day starts with a huge glass of water, a few minutes of reading, a shower and those other routines that make my start into the day gentle and calm, I feel a lot better for the entire rest of the day, I'm more productive and overall just a better version of myself.

Now sometimes that curated morning routine just doesn't happen, and we might find ourselves going straight from under the covers to the nearest screen only to realise how stressed out we are a few hours (and still no breakfast) later. The main learning in all of that for me is to not give up on the day at that point, even if it might be 2 pm, and instead I've been trying to take a deep breath and hit the reset button. Here are some of the helpful tips you shared for that second chance:

  • Praticing kindness and acceptance and allow yourself to take some time off that day, if possible
  • Playing some music that will put you in a good mood (here's the link to Madeleine's popular Dariadaria Dance Kitchen playlist!)
  • Dancing yout heart out while you're at it, or any other type of physical activity
  • Treating yourself to a cuppa of a favourite hot drink
  • Making time for a meditation session
  • Taking a shower or washing your face for a fresh start

So many ideas I'll definitely keep in mind when I'm in the middle of a morning that needs a second chance next time around! Is there anything you find particularly helpful?