In Bed With Wool (Part Two)

In Bed With Wool from Sustainablist

At the end of last year, Malte and I upgraded our bedding sitiuation, and about 9 months later (and also after having comfortably survived the most recent heat wave), I thought I'd share a little update! As I mentioned here, we decided to go for wool beeding, which is said to have numerous health benefits, including a lower heart rate and less sleep disturbance. And while wool makes most people think of the colder months, thanks to its isolation and temperature regulating properties, it's actually great to sleep in all year round.

Now first of all, what we use is: this comforter (in the 220 x 240 cm size) and these pillows (in the 80 x 80 cm size). People often ask about our bed – we got it from frohraum, a Berlin based company that manufactures wooden furniture and pays great attention to being sustainable. And as for bed linen, we rotate between a linen, cotton satin and cotton flannel set, all of which are from Urbanara. Spoiler: we couldn't be happier with any of those products! And if you're curious to read a bit more about why we care so much about the materials we have in our bed, this is where I wrote about bedroom textiles, and I shared more about what makes wool an excellent choice here.


The pillows come with an extra inlay that holds the wool, which means the outer layer is washable. This household swears by coconut oil scalp massages / hair masks, so this is highly appreciated around here! You can also adjust the amount of wool fleece inside the pillow individually, depending on your volume preferences. Their customer service told me that you can even reorder additional filling should you need more, though we keep using the pillows as is.

The comforter and the pillow inlay aren't supposed to be washed at home, but you can get them dry cleaned if needed. Given that wool is naturally antibacterial and has self-cleaning properties (plus a ton of other benefits), the fact that we can't put the bedding in the washing machine doesn't bother us one bit. In fact, it still feel as fresh as on day 1!


Now as for the sleeping experience, I will admit that at first, we noticed that the new wool bedding felt a bit more firm and heavy compared to more traditional options. Malte, who loves to bunch up his pillow, struggled with this a bit in the beginning, I on the other hand found it rather helpful for my own sleeping habits. I tend to move around quite a bit when sleeping, and while I used to wake up every now and again freezing because I managed to kick the covers off completely, this hasn't happened once with the new comforter. After having used them for several months now, we have come to really appreciate the new bedding's stability, which I love especially for the great support the pillows give when reading in bed. All in all we're both so glad we made the change. We love that we have the most comfortable bed we could ever dream of, and that everything in there has been made ethically, sustainably and cruelty-free from natural materials.

What are you currently sleeping in? Would you consider wool bedding? We'd love to hear your thoughts!