Hello, 2019!


Did I mention just how much I adore making plans? From to-do lists for a day to dreaming big for the next couple of years, I love them all. Believe me or not, I might be able to fill the better part of an hour telling you about what hairstyles I plan wearing for the rest of my life, year by year. My planning obsession has proven to be very helpful countless times (not exactly planning out a life in hairstyles, but you know, most of the rest of it), but it also has me struggle regularly when things don’t go according to my meticulously thought-out plans.

Malte and I aren’t exactly made from the same mold when it comes to planning, which can be challenging at times (read: it’s high up on our list of things to fight about), but more often than not, we actually really benefit from what we can learn from each other. With Malte’s help and those of friends, for the last couple of years, my focus has been to try and be more laid-back when plans don’t come to life exactly as they do in my head, and to find a better balance. It’s all about accepting and enjoying the one life we have and about not missing out on the beauty of life just because I had a different idea of a few details, all the while still embracing something that has always given me a great deal of joy.

With my natural tendency to over-plan, I typically avoid adding more lists and plans to my portfolio, and, much to my own surprise, I actually managed to stay clear of New Year’s resolutions for the most part. But they say keeping track of your plans and goals helps you see how much you actually accomplished, and that is most certainly something I want to get better at, too. No doubt, I’m easy prey, but it convinced me (both of us, actually!) to look at setting goals for the new year from a different angle. So without further ado, here’s what we’re hoping to do this year:

  • Go on this year’s 12 dates from our annual Christmas gift to one another, our year of dates

  • Reduce our carbon dioxide emissions further by not flying all year #noflightsin2019

  • Help Malte‘s parents move to their new home in Berlin this spring (we’re so excited!)

  • Visit friends and family who live in other cities and countries

  • Continue to eat vegan dishes instead of vegetarian ones more often

  • Work on our overall Sustainablist aesthetic and make our branding more cohesive, including creating a new logo

  • Maintain a somewhat healthy work life rhythm and make time for real weekends

  • Go on a summer vacation with friends

  • Continue to grow and foster our Sustainablist community

  • Launch two new products that we‘re really excited about, both created to help you make everyday living more sustainable

  • Prioritise health and well-being

  • Be more mindful of our digital consumption & footprint

  • Volunteer and explore new ways to give back and support the causes we care about

  • Make more time for reading

  • Create new little family traditions, e.g. dinner nights or visits to exhibitions, concerts etc.

  • Continue on this self care journey

  • Grow our family of house plants and get better at taking care of them

  • Go on a mother-daughter-trip

  • Do a mother-in-law-daughter-in-law spa day

  • Focus on our More Than a Basic knitwear design series

  • Make time for micro adventures and explore more of the area we live in

  • Have family photos taken, at least once each with all five on both sides of our family

  • Go on a little vacation, just the two of us, ideally hiking

  • Take advantage of our last year with our ClassicCards

  • Make music more often

  • Learn something new (to be decided!)

What about you? Do you typically avoid making plans for the new year, or are New Year’s resolutions your thing? If you made any plans, what’s on your list? I’d love to hear!