Favourite Additions 2018


We’re all about consuming less and making the things we own last, and when we add something to our life, we wan to make sure that it’ll truly bring us joy! Reflecting on what new additions did just that over the past year is something we hope will help with making choices in the following year (and maybe you’ll find some of our recommendations helpful, too?), so we wanted to share our favourite beauty, fashion, home, making and miscellaneous additions from 2018. We’d also love to hear, what did you add to your life this past year that you’d buy, gift or make again and again in a heartbeat?


fashion & jewelry

We did buy a few new items of clothing and were kindly given some PR samples, but overall, 2018 was a year of very few new clothes. If we’d take clothes we passed on to friends, donated or sold into account, we’d actually end up with a negative balance! And that actuall feels pretty great. To us, feeling inspired and excited about its content when opening our tiny walk-in closet matter a lot more than owning a lot of clothes. Out of the new clothes that moved in with us, we particularly loved this lana organic corduroy jacket (it’s made entirely out of cotton and the warmest!) that looks great on just about everyone, their two-colour knit scarf that Malte wears above, a couple of basics, like this cropped sweatshirt and a few T-shirts, from Grundstoff who offer fairly, ethically and sustainably made pieces at really great prices, Malte’s beloved blue Armedangels overshirt (that’s now on sale!), a peachy pink sweater I bought some time around my last birthday in February in the cutest little Copenhagen second hand shop, this autumn-y twill linen skirt from Son de flor with pockets and suspenders, Comazo earth underwear that is pretty AND ethically made AND has a bra with underwires (a combination that’s so hard to find!), and lastly some beautiful pikfine and luxaa jewelry as well as a few family pieces that changed owners and an upgrade for my beloved watch.



While we still owe you a detailed article on the naturaly deodorants we tested for you (soon to come!), I can already spill the beans about my personal favourite: FINE deodorant! It not only smells amazing, it lasts for ages, too, and I may or may not have gotten several friends addicted already. Other new additions we love from the beauty sector include the skin care series so many swear by from Lovely Day Botanicals, particularly their skin oil (the Merme one we tried is gorgeous, too!) and toner, Merme’s revitalising hair treatment, the first ever shampoo bar we tried (it’s by Your Loving Nature and wonderful!), and the first ever organic toothpaste we tried and really liked.



We didn’t buy any furniture or bigger home items in 2018, but there were a few smaller additions to our home that we wanted to mention: A couple new bottles and boxes for on-the-go from Sigg, a company we both grew up with (we use this, this, this and its smaller version, and this, and love them all!), speaking of on the go, a cute little reusable cutlery set that my brother gave us, vegan candles from Revivo Candela that make our home smell amazing (our favourites are the Cashmere Wood and Tender Lavender scents, and the make smaller travel candles, too!), and reusable bags for fruit and veggies that were a total game changer for our groceries (our entire family now uses them).



In spring, two new Fringe Porter Bins moved in with us, and they have proved to be the best making companions ever: spacious enough for a big sweater project yet easily portable, with just the right amount of little pockets inside, and very pretty (pins from Caroline Frett, Raincloud & Sage and Wollen Berlin). Other than that, the only making related additions were yarns, and those were few and far between, too. Favourites we used (some over and over again, ahem) this past year are De Rerum Natura’s Gilliatt and Ulysse (I’d love to try one of their worsted-spun bases in 2019!) as well as BC Garn’s Semilla Melange, a GOTS certified yarn, and Retrosaria’s Mondim, our all-time favourite natural, non-superwash sock yarn.


the rest

Our wedding in May 2015 was the last time we had professional photos taken, and we’re so, so glad that we finally took some new ones with our dear friend Mel a couple weeks ago! There’s nothing more precious than time with our loved ones, and though photos only capture a small portion, they make for lovely memories and we all agreed to make taking more photos a priority for 2019. Amongst our favourite books this past year are Cee Cee Berlin (a beautiful guide to Berlin for Berliners and would-be Berliners), Erica Chidi Cohen’s Nurture, Chloe Benjamin’s The Immortalists, and Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air. And just before the year ended, we tried one of those exit rooms games you can play at home with Malte’s parents for the first time and absolutely loved it, so there will certainly be more of those in 2019!

[This post includes PR samples, but it isn’t sponsored.]