What's the idea behind joining Patreon?

Patreon allows creators of all kinds to get support for their work by providing content subscription options and offers Patrons access to their creative work (like knitwear designs!). Joining Patreon gives me the chance to share more of my work and everyday life with our community. To offer a range of options, I created 4 reward levels for you and hope you'll find a favourite! If you need advice on the subscription options or if you have any other comments, please feel free to contact me any time. Your support on Patreon will help cover our monthly expenses for Ravelry, LoveKnitting and payment fees, equipment & software and for paying the The Wool Club team. My knitwear design company keeps growing (which is amazing!), and I can't wait to dream bigger with your help!


What do Patrons get out of it?

The Wool Club patterns will continue to be accessible on Ravelry and LoveKnitting (at €5.50 (accessories) / €7.50 (garments), 15% off during the first 2 days after pattern release), but the free pattern copies, discount codes and all of the other content & options I offer on Patreon are available exclusively for Patrons. To become a Patron, simply pick your favourite subscription option and you'll get access to everything your reward level includes! And if you want to switch to a different reward level or pause your subscription, don't worry – editing or cancelling your pledge is a piece of cake.

If you're subscribed to the $5, $10 or $22 reward level, you'll get a free copy of a new pattern (of your choice, if there are multiple pattern releases) every month. An exclusive coupon code will get you a 20% discount on all other new patterns. This way you'll have a maximum of options and contribute depending on how many patterns you decide to get! You can choose to only redeem your free pattern copy or get as many of the new patterns as you like with your discount code. Your pattern copies are accessible with Ravelry download codes.


What options are there to choose from?


access to exclusive content! ($2)

  • sneak peek photos of upcoming releases
  • monthly posts
  • updates & news from the The Wool Club HQ
  • Your name listed on our Patron Thank You page!

behind the scenes! ($10)

  • Be the first to learn about upcoming designs, projects and collaborations!
  • You'll be able to see new designs grow from idea to published design and follow along on the journey.
  • Get access to helpful resources!
  • Share your input in polls and get involved!
  • All of the previous rewards

early access to new patterns! ($5)

  • Every month, I'll share an overview of this month's pattern releasess. 
  • You'll get free access to one of the new patterns each month (if there are multiple pattern releases, you get to choose your favourite pattern).
  • An exclusive coupon code gives you a 20% discount on all other new patterns.
  • Get an additional free pattern copy of your choice for every 6 months you stayed at this (or a higher) level!
  • All of the previous reward
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let's hang out! ($22)

  • Let's spend some more time together in our Patron-only monthly one-hour Google hangouts!
  • We'll chat all things yarn & knitting and any questions you might have.
  • You'll get to virtually meet design samples and catch a glimpse of current works in progress
  • Our monthly calls take place in the last week of the month (Patrons can vote for their favourite times and days)
  • All of the previous rewards